May 14, 2010

Hi Readers,

One more class week, and then exam week…can you believe it? The Seniors are raring to bust out of here while prospective students are just thinking about what life at Gould will be like. Great things lie ahead for all!

The year is almost up, but Gould Goes Green has been stirring up some action to see it to the end. We’ve devised a plan to end the use of bottled water at school, and next week Formal dinner will be made from local foods.

On an entirely different note, we’ve been doing some fun stuff in rock climbing this week. On Tuesday I got to complete a multi-pitch climb with Nolan D and Mr. Baker. After lunch we headed up to North Conway to climb on Cathedral. It was awesome! I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first, but the climb was super fun and fairly challenging for me. It was a gorgeous day, and there was no better place than on the edge of a cliff to enjoy it!

Have a good weekend,
Alice H


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