April 29, 2010
hey readers
It’s a real Friday (no Saturday classes!), and some warm weather is ahead for the weekend. The toasty weather will be welcomed enthusiastically here on campus. This past week has been one of…let’s say…varied weather.
The four inches of snow Wednesday morn made Polar Bears extremely interesting. A few of us ran, and we were soaking with melted snow and car-sprayed slush before we arrived at the swimming hole. Standing barefoot on the snowy beach was not too pleasant, and the quiet of early morning was broken by splashing water, lots of agonized yelling, and strings of profanity. It was an ordeal, but every member of Polar Bears came! Losing no one on such a day is quite an accomplishment.
I do have to say that these days are great for entertainment purposes – people’s reactions to the cold water range from hysteria to quiet panic, and the facial expressions are simply priceless. Getting into the water is a process…some people run madly in and out, others stand waist-deep in the water before bringing themselves to go under, a few dive or belly-flop extravagantly…the techniques run the gamut.
picture by Cat H
On Tuesday we celebrated Earth Day. With our advisory groups we went to workshops designed by students in the Environmental class. My group went to Trashion (fashion made from trash), Compost/Gardening, and Geothermal Energy.
It was interesting to see what our classmates had put together – Lincoln wore an outfit he made out of trash, Jane and Rosemary had us sifting rocks out of manure for the gardens, and Andrew showed us the potential of using geothermal energy. Then in the afternoon everyone pitched in for clean up around campus. For lunch we had a meal from local farms. The hamburgers and french fries we delicious!

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