April 27, 2010

Hello Glog readers,
Here are a few images from the past week or so. Credit for the pictures goes to Dirk (the good ones), me, and whoever picked up my camera while I was shearing! I do like the first image of Heather and her resting lamb Mason, taken through a window in the barn.

Michael, Sam, and Chandler fencing to keep our sheep safe.

Visitors from Church St Childrens’ Center talk with Abbi as Heather the sheep watches.

All our new little lambs get a health check.

Regularly scheduled maintenance- hoof trimming for all the sheep!
Abbi and Luke got the hang of trimming.
And shearing for all the sheep. This is the fleece coming off our ram, Frederick.
It’s a very soft fleece with high crimp count and a rich dark color

that will likely become more silver as he ages. Allie working with the shears and Sarai giving some lamb-love!
Luke fixes a gate. More repairs to come!

This Tuesday Gould will be observing Earth Day. The day will be dedicated to taking a close look at our impact on the planet. Keep an eye on the Gould web site for highlights.

Until next week,


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