April 23, 2010

Hi readers,

I’m interested to see what styles are new in trashion. Trashion is clothing made out of trash and we’ll learn about it as part of our Earth Day celebration next week.

Yesterday was Earth Day for most of the nation, but at Gould we will recognize the day next Tuesday. Students in the Environmental class have organized workshops related to Earth Day. The rest of the school will attend these workshops to learn about environmental issues, lifestyle impacts, and how Gould fits in with all of this. There’ll be active workshops like working in Gould’s gardens and taking a tour of campus to learn about energy inefficiency.

Earth Day is here, leaves are starting to unfurl on the trees under the warm sun, and mid-term grades close soon…the year is winding down. Perhaps a better way to describe it is falling down. At about this time of the spring trimester life gets a little frantic – homework, games, tests, summer plans, AP exams, sun-soaking…everyone’s waiting for that crash of The End (Gould’s annual end of the year party), graduation, and finally summer. What’s hard is keeping focused until the end.


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