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December 3, 2015

The time has come, Snowball is just around the corner. The trees were cut this morning by Winter Outing Club and lined up in front of Bingham. The girls have had their dress group Facebook page up for weeks, and the arrivals of last minute dresses and hemming are coming in. Dance lessons are being planed and who’s asking who is the topic of conversation. Talking to one girl as she franticly tried to find a dress on Monday night saying, “I might just borrow one, it’s not like people remember what you wear from year to year”. I thought what do people remember about the most festive dance of the year. Is it the live band, the food, or the challenging event of walking from Ordway to Bingham in five inch heals.

Molly – The sushi

Madsie – The dancing

Ellen –  The decorations in the gym

Tarin – The sleigh

Emma – Taking pictures on the bridge

Richie – Going with my attractive date Colby

Ms.Gadd – The band and I love the fake snow on the trees

Here is a picture from my Snowball experience last year with two of my favorite seniors from the cycling team. I can’t wait to see the wonderful decorations and creative Snowball proposals this year.














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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    I’m getting excited just reading about Snowball! – what fun:)

  2. Avatar John Todd says:

    Elise, you remind me a bit of your mom! Do have another wonderful snowball. Back in my day, I chivalrously lifted my date over an icy puddle going into Gehring Gym… can probably guess the outcome!

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