April 2, 2010

“The sun is shinning, the weather is sweet.” The lyrics of this Bob Marley song are quite fitting – the warmth of spring is finally here! I think Friday (today when you read this) it’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees, which will be welcome after this morning’s Polar Bear plunge.

I’m writing this on Thursday night, but by the time you read this, the first Polar Bear swim of the year will have officially taken place. On Friday morning a bus and a few runners will take off from campus, headed for the cold waters of Songo Pond. Some people wonder why Gould students voluntarily wake up early for the unpleasent shock of swimming in recently melted ice water. We wonder why we do it too. Still, it’s an invigorating way to start the day.

I’m doing rock climbing as my spring sport. On Wednesday we climbed for the first time at the rock wall at Big Adventure. Everyone’s excited to climb outside next week!

Malory belays as Oona climbs

Devon climbing


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