March 30, 2010

Despite the cool temperatures here, it is spring in Bethel. The rivers are swollen, the ground is muddy, and the buds are plump. Although the snow is vanishing quickly, the athletics fields still need some time to dry out a bit before teams can use them. Fortunately, Schroy Field has been well used by all teams. Our apartment has a perfect view of the green artificial turf and our son reports regularly, “Mom, they’re playing [fill in the blank] on the field.”

Come rain, snow, or high water, the turf field is available for play and practice. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but it is pouring on those lax players!

Things at the farm start to look a little sloppy when we have as much rain as we have recently. Though pigs have a reputation as mud-lovers, this is a little much! Last fall we put in a concrete slab for them, just for weeks like these. They can choose to be in the mud or not.

Their house is high, dry, and filled with warm cozy straw.

In other farm news, our sheep are due to lamb anytime now. Maybe we’ll have little lambs for Revisit Day, April 6th!



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