March 26, 2010

Hi, I’m up in northern Maine with a crew from the Nordic ski team. We’re racing in the USSA National Distance Championships and the 2010 Supertour Finals. I think that in Bethel It’s been a little rainy, but here it’s like the middle of winter.

These races draw the fastest skiers in the US and Canada. I don’t stand a chance against these women. When I walked into the stadium for Wednesday’s race, this reality hit me full force. As the only entry in the junior race (the women’s and the junior race started at the same time), I was the youngest and most inexperienced there. it was daunting to line up and race with Olympians and World Cup medalists, but really exciting at the same time.

Yesterday there was a break in the races, so I got to participate in “Fast and female.” This is a day where women skiers of all ages gather for skiing fun and instruction. The first Fast and Female was held in Anchorage, AK and yesterday’s was the second ever held. Since the fastest women skiers in North America were here in Aroostook County, there could not have been better instructors at the event.

The best thing was seeing the number of girls that came – over one hundred girls from the local middle and elementary schools participated in obastacle courses, tag games, and downhill runs, all on x-c skiis. All of the kids were very enthusiastic and there was a lot of laughter and shouting out on the ski course. I got to ski with a group of high schoolers. Our instructor was 2010 olympian Holly Brooks. We focused on technique, sprint starts, and downhills. Overall, Fast and Female was super fun!


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