March 2, 2010

Spring break is almost here!

The juniors who returned yesterday from 9 days in the Maine woods were treated to some of the most challenging winter weather Maine can offer. The temperatures were never very cold, but the precipitation was wet! Some groups were in cold rain and others were in heavy wet snow. There was no way to stay totally dry out there last week. The students learned that the best option for drying clothes was to use their own body heat. Long underwear can be soaked, but with some activity and body warmth, it can dry out. Even a wet sleeping bag can be dried by a sleeping body, better than by a fire. I’m not saying it’s comfortable (by any stretch) but it works. Groups came back to school smelly, wet, and happy.

Now today, Tuesday, the sun is shining brighter and the sky is bluer than it was during the entire time they were out.

Congratulations to all the juniors who completed junior 4 point. Overall the trips were great- which bodes well for next year when the juniors are the seniors, and the leaders of the school.

If you haven’t been following the freshmen through China, check out their blog.

Until next week,



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