February 2, 2010

One thing I always say when I’m asked, “what’s Gould like?” is, “Gould is a place where there are lots of opportunities for kids to be good at something.” What I mean is students can find their niche here because there are so many opportunities.

But we’re a small school. How can there be so many opportunities at a small school with a relatively small faculty? Here’s the answer. As adults in the community, we’re encouraged to share our passions with the students. For example, my husband, Pete Hedden, is passionate about skiing- particularly earning your turns. He and I love to ski and love to ski, skin, or hike up a mountain then ski down. This winter Pete has started an “Earn your Turns” group. Every Wednesday morning students are invited to head to Sunday River at 5am to ski or hike up Sunday River then ski or ride down. They’re back in time for breakfast at 7:30!

This weekend Dirk MacKnight, a professional photographer, was “on duty.” He set up his lights and backgrounds and transformed the stage into a portrait studio. Students came with friends, with props, and with cameras. I stopped by to check it out and got in on the action too- with Osie and the bunnies who were brought up from the barn!

This is obviously not Dirk’s best work, but it sure was fun!

This snapshot of the weekend was only a few hours on Sunday afternoon. There were also shopping trips, ski/ride competitions, basketball games, hot nacho snacks, and more. If you ever hear, “there’s nothing to do here,” have a look at the weekend schedule. You’ll see, there’s a lot to do!

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