January 29, 2010

What was with the rain on Monday? In the morning Sam Southam and I fullfilled our Biology barn chore duties in chilly drizzle and treacherous ice, and for ski practice a few of us went running in the rain.

But last weekend, the weather was stellar. On Saturday the Nordic team raced 30 full kilometers up a mountain, along a frozen river, and through snowy forests, all fueled by cold air, warm sunlight, and food stations along the way. The Jackson 30k race is my all-time favorite – it’s almost 19 miles of endorphines, fast skiing, and at the end they feed you!

Molly and Sam at the Jackson 30k lunch

Thank goodness it’s gotten cold again. This weekend is a big race. Not in distance (this one’s 5k), but in importance. The Sassi race is a qualifier for our J2 racers and almost every team in Maine comes. Good luck to everyone, especially J2’s!

Have a great weekend!


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