January 22, 2010

Here’s a shot from the local Table Rock hike taken recently. This is just a taste of what we’ll see on Junior Four Point!

Last night the first Junior Four-Point meeting was held. The meeting, although not too exciting itself, reminds all Juniors that we’re not far away from an adventure. We have a great view of the mountains from campus, and each time I look out I can’t wait to get out there. Out on Junior Four-point life will be simple – eat, hike, sleep, stay warm…and that’s the way I like it.

This year’s Juniors have also started to think about Senior Four-point. The best thing about Senior Four-point is that it’s an excuse to go a little crazy and do…anything! I’m going backpacking in Alaska with National Outdoor Leadership School for a month, I have a friend apprenticing at a local horse farm, and another friend off to NYC to apprentice in a restaurant kitchen.

I hope everyone had a good week, and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Avatar Thach Thao says:

    Hi I am Thach Thao from Vietnam. Just want to say the mountain scenery is awesome, I'm desperate to attend Gould and go hiking next year.

  2. Avatar Todd Ormiston says:

    Nice to see you are keeping up with daily life from Vietnam. Looking forward to reading your application!

  3. Avatar Alice says:

    Hi Thach. If you come to Gould, I'm sure you'll have hiked Table Rock by this time next year!

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