January 12, 2010

Last Thursday the entire Gould community was treated to a wonderful dance performance sponsored by the Mahoosuc Arts Council. In addition to other activities, the Mahoosuc Arts Council brings a variety of performers to Gould and the local public schools four times a year.

The most recent performance was a Fusionworks Dance Company presentation. While watching from the balcony of Bingham auditorium, I was struck by the emotion that was portrayed through movement, sound, and lighting. It’s nice that Gould and our schools, through the arts council, bring talented athletes, musicians, artists to Gould. It makes our small town seem a little bigger.

By the way, it’s no longer 4 degrees outside, it’s closer to 24! Downright balmy. Won’t last.

Enjoy the week,


Happy Birthday to Drew-B-Drew!


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