December 8, 2009

It’s been an exciting week here in Bethel. First of all, we have some real snow. Not a lot, but enough that we can take out the “rock skis” and slide around.

Expedition around Ordway dining hall on Rock Skis!

The sledding has been great, and it’s not reserved for the little kids! There are new sleds in the dorm which were white and snowy at 9:30 Monday night. There’s a steep little hill just outside the door of Gehring dormitory. We encourage Fun Hogs!

Santa came to Bethel this past weekend too. He arrived on a fire truck, much to the delight of many waiting kids. I consider us fortunate that our son wants a train car that will go on his tracks. That is something Santa CAN deliver. The kid who sat on Santa’s lap before Reiley wanted an ostrich and a penguin! Good luck!

Our son Reiley and Dr. Clarke’s daughter, Livy catching up with Santa

While we’re all enjoying the new snow…
[flv: 300 200]

The pigs have been enjoying some new straw! What could be better?

[flv: 300 200]

While we’re on the subject of pigs, 15 piglets came from Tim’s farm to ours before transporting to their new home closer to the coast. Tim’s were mostly black and red, as you can tell.

Our piglets will be moving to their winter home later this week, and leaving Mom, Spotty Pig. She’s acting ready for them to move out. They’re not moving far- just from the barn to an outside space with an insulated shed. Luxurious.

The other big news from the past week… the entire student body is doing an excellent job of sorting food waste as we start composting! Almost all non-meat food will be returned to the soil, rather than being ground up and washed “away” with the sewage. We’re off and running!

Maybe next week I’ll have big news about our new baby, but right now I just have a big belly!
Until next week,


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