December 1, 2009

December first… This date has been on my mind for quite some time now.
-It is the first day of classes for the winter term.
-It’s the first day of the new winter schedule, which will allow for more active healthy outside time for all our students.
-It’s the first day of opening doors on the advent calendar.
All of that is good and significant. There’s another reason it’s been on my mind though.

December first is the expected due-date of our second child. I was greeted by many students last night with, “you’re still pregnant?” and, “no baby yet?” The other line of questions included, “are you excited?” and “are you nervous?”

What a strange and wonderful thing that modern medicine still can’t predict when and how a child will arrive. We’re waiting for the inevitable (this child will be born) but we still don’t know if it’ll be tonight, next week, or December 14th.

In contrast, Tim, who is a farmer and works at Gould, can tell you with astounding accuracy when the pig will have her litter. Our pig had her piglets the morning of the day he told us she would- a day earlier than usual because she was a first-time mother.

I’m looking forward to the new winter schedule! Tuesday starts with sports and activities in the morning, followed by lunch and 4 classes. It’s so important to get outside while the sun is up in the winter.

Until next week,



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