November 27, 2009

Hi readers. Happy day after Thanksgiving. Agreed, it is sad we’ll have to wait another 365 days before such a great excuse for eating as much as possible, but at least we’ve got the leftovers.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that it gives families and friends a chance to gather and drive each other crazy. Right now I’m listening to various members of my family play musical instruments while my dog howls along. Gotta love family!

Last Tuesday 12 members of the nordic team clambered out of the two vans we drove to Quebec. We were a haggard bunch – sweaty from that morning’s rollerski, stiff from hours in the car, tensions a little wired (we’d spent a lot of time together). Despite what you might have thought if you had seen us unloading our gear that night, we had an absolute blast.

Technically, we had gone to Quebec to ski…but there was the small issue of there being no snow. Whatever. Our first day we classic rollerskied a closed road – focusing on technique and balance. A lot of team members had never rollerskied before, but they all did fantastic (no blood spilled = victory). At Foret Montmorency we could ski a 1/2km loop of man-made snow. Once you got over the idea of skiing in circles for hours, it was great.

The first day we skied it the snow was icy and fast – a recipe for exhilarating downhills and hard crashes. Skiing on snow was wonderful. We drilled technique, raced some fast intervals, and just skied. When we weren’t training we ate, slept, hung out, argued, played air hockey, watched TV, laughed, tromped about Quebec City – basically just lazed around. It was great.

Thanks so much to Coach Nellis and Coach Kamilewicz! Without their great cooking (and frequent trips to the grocery store) we might have actually lost weight from so much training (shocking, I know). They also put up with a lot of teenage sillyness and helped us a ton with our skiing.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing a fun break! I’ll put in some pics from the trip next week. See you then



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