November 19, 2009

DONE! It’s finally here -the last day of the term. Woo! No more exams. Homework is just a memory. Going to Assembly? yeah right. Now, all we face a few glorious days of break (pause for victory dance).

So, now that we have all this freedom, we get to see how much havoc we can create. Oh wait, I mean figure out something constructive to do with our time. I’m heading up north to train for nordic skiing with a bunch of teammates. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow there now. But, we’re a stoic group; the trip will still be a blast. And we’ll do plenty of training.

The coaches have rented a condo in Stoneham, Quebec where we’ll stay. We’ll have access to some man-made snow loops in the area and it is our goal to get on snow every day. Nearby there is also a military base with a paved biatholon course, so we’ll hit the rollerskiis when the snow evades us. And of course we are planning on an excursion to Quebec city where we are sure to run into something exciting. I love this trip, it is always a perfect opportunity for our team to bond and train – brought together by our shared love of skiing. I’m always happy when my day consists of training, sleeping, and eating.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, happy vacation to everyone! Feast, be happy, and enjoy your family and friends.

I’ll try to post from Quebec, so until next week,



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  1. Avatar Mr. Kimball says:

    Have fun, Alice. Enjoy Quebec City. Last time I was there I was six, but I remember loving it.

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