November 17, 2009

Hello Glog Readers!
It’s exam week here at Gould. I always used to like exam week in high school and college. In some ways life is more simple during exam week. Students are able to think about only one subject at a time, instead of keeping track of papers, quizzes, tests, and homework for all subjects.

I’ve been carrying my camera this week. Here are a few images from Gould.

Tuesday morning room inspection often finds some students at their desks.
A Gehring first floor nook- personalized.

This next photo is our new compost/manure catch. The goal of composting Gould’s food waste has been celebrated and pursued by students involved with Gould’s environmental group, Gould Goes Green. The slab in this picture will be divided into sections and barn waste and food waste will be mixed to create a nutrient rich finished compost material that can be used in Gould’s gardens and pastures. It’s not the ideal time of year to start composting because winter is coming, but after break we’ll start collecting food and making this beautiful clean slab of concrete more productive.

Our last week with the fall Farm and Forest crew was very productive. Here Mirina is making sure there are enough nails in our brand new fence rails, and Mr Parker unearths and snips old wire fencing while Helen and Chandler pull it up.

The farm’s most recent babies continue to grow into healthy little piglets. This video is of pigs, acting like pigs, at 4 1/2 weeks old. We are selling the piglets for $50 each, if anyone is interested. Tell your friends!

[flv: 300 200]

On a personal note, and a sad note, my dog Pogi passed away this weekend. She was a constant companion and devoted friend who will be missed. Pete and I have found some pictures of her and this video clip is a favorite. We had just moved to Gould and Pogi and her son Cisco were making the most of a morning romp on the lower fields (no sound). Life is good.

[flv: 300 200]

Until next week,

Best of luck to all with exams!


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