November 16, 2009

study study study study.
That’s what most of us have been doing for the past 48 hours. Making last minute study guides, meeting with teachers, and cramming everything we possibly can in our heads have been the trends here at the academy these past couple days. Yesterday, the whole school convened in the dining hall for a two hour help session with books, teachers, and mini tacos. Today, we have a half a day to prepare for the first exam which starts in the afternoon. The rest of the week consists of two exams everyday, so we’ll finish up by Friday morning – right in time to get off campus for Thanksgiving break.

the RIVER.
This week also we’ve been able to get up to the mountain for a little pre-season training. Although there’s only one trail open, with limited snow, it was nice to step into a pair of skis and fool around with friends instead of studying. There will probably be chances this week to go up to the mountain too, and get away from the stress of exams.

I have to go study some more but I hope everyone gets killer grades on their exams.

Happy Thanksgiving and GOOD LUCK.


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