November 13, 2009

Hi Readers,

In honor of Veteran’s Day I’d like to take a moment to thank the veterans at Gould, in the larger community, and in the nation. War is a strange thing, and we at Gould have the honor of working alongside veterans who can help us to understand the conflicts that seem to perpetually wrack human society.

Thank you for your sacrifice and your bravery.
And now for something entirely different.
It is the second to last Friday of the term, can you believe it? I’m expecting this weekend to be packed with frenzied studying for exams, quite unlike last weekend…

Bingham Hanscom

We had some fun exploring little-explored spots on Gould campus. Where do think these pics were taken from?
Last night the play The Tempest was performed by our drama department. Tonight is the last chance to see it, so drop in and support our actors and actresses!
I’ll see you on the other side of the exam week slog! Good luck.

Alice H

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