November 2, 2009

Hello Gould.
So I’m back full time at school, but still a little sick. But, I better get ready because field hockey has their first game in over a week tomorrow against Hebron! KILL THE LUMBERJACKS!
We have a ton of games this week to make up for all the lost time… we had to cancel a few games because of lack of players, lost to injury or sickness, but we’re back in full force!

So this weekend was HALLOWEEN! Gould celebrated by throwing a dance on Friday night, and allowed everyone to embrace the festivities by dressing up in their favorite attire for classes during the day. There were some pretty extravagant costumes.

Above is a picture taken by TOMI of our field hockey team dressed to impress for the “costume run” we had in celebration of Halloween. After we all went to Coach Godomsky’s house for fresh baked cookies, cold apple cider, and tee-shirt decorating!

So. I hope everyone has a good week, and wish the field hockey team good luck as we embark on a week of immense competition!



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