October 21, 2009

Remember last week how I promised to take pictures? Well I can honestly say I didn’t break that promise. However… the ocean did not approve of this promise. The last night I was in California visiting schools with my friends from Tisch, we decided to go to the beach. So we all took our shoes off and put them just outside the reach of the tide. Meanwhile we just enjoyed the tide coming in and the refreshing water. Then from a far, I noticed that the shoes were about to be swallowed by the tide and I knew the last thing I wanted was a 5 hour plane ride home with soaking wet shoes. So I sprinted to the shoes and saved them from the water. After this I wanted to take a nice sunset picture for the GLOG, so I searched my pockets for my iphone only to find that it was not in any of my pockets. I stopped and looked through the sand and saw something white sticking out of the sand… and what do you know, it was my iphone fully submerged in the water. So I am sorry I won’t have the pictures of the colleges I visited. But, nonetheless, it is great to be back in Bethel where seasons actually exist. Until next week, stay classy GA!


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  1. Avatar Mr. Kimball says:

    Oh man. I lost my iPod recently. Not quite the phone but I can emphathize.

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