Skiing and a New On-Snow Sport?

January 9, 2015

Yesterday, I experienced negative 20 degree weather for the first time! Days like yesterday make me wonder how the competitive on-snow athletes practice every single day. The new students at Gould who may never have skied before get to see just how seriously the competition team takes their skiing. Well, these two may not always take skiing TOO seriously:


Will Cole ’16 and Sam Butterfield ’15, members of comp alpine, taking a break during practice earlier today. Photocreds: Arturo Fernandez ’16

Today, prep alpine had their first race of the year, and for some people, their first ski race ever. Among these people is prep alpine superstar: Joaquin Martinez. Although this was his first race, he is the next Ted Ligety!

Just kidding, but prep alpine introduces all skiers with limited ski experience to a whole new form of skiing. With Mr. Stonebreaker and Ms. Head as the coaches, the skiers improve their technique and they learn to appreciate how close we are to Sunday River. Last year, I did prep alpine and in one year, I skied more than I had ever skied in my entire life. I learned to love skiing and the winter became so much better.

On the other hand, prep snowboarding had their first competition today!

Here’s the new on-snow sport; while all this was going on, the Frozen Rush was taking place at Sunday River. For those who don’t know what it is, 900 horsepower trucks race up and down south ridge, drifting, and flying off jumps, in front of hundreds of people. But you don’t have to hike up south ridge to see this, you can see these trucks shred from the South Ridge Chondola ride. Here’s a picture of a truck getting more air than actual skiers do (courtesy of


As the more competitive racers and freestylers have races in the near future, this winter is getting off to a great start! As some one from Virginia, I’m grateful to be so close to such a great mountain.

See you next Friday!


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