October 16, 2009

Hi readers!

How was your fall break? Mine was fantastic. Tuesday morning was especially exciting because the first thing I saw was…SNOW! I absolutely couldn’t help myself, I threw on my rock skis with my mom and tore around the yard in the falling snow. Of course I was bummed when it all melted away later in the day, but I’m eagerly anticipating the fresh powder, fast ski trails, and frenzied Nordic races to come this winter.

Although I love Gould, I’m beginning to look ahead to life beyond high school. Over break I visited the colleges Dartmouth and Bowdoin. I’m excited about all of the opportunities for learning, travel, research, and exploration awaiting us students at college. It is inspiring to think about what we can accomplish with the support of our experiences at Gould and what will come during college.

I also competed in the cross-country race last Saturday afternoon. It was a superb day for running- the air was cool and clear, and every racer was cheered on by the parents who came to watch. Gould boys dominated the meet and took the victory. Congratulations to the whole team! Results can be found at www.coolrunning.com/results/09/me/Oct10_GouldA_set1.shtml

Now, back to the present. A beautiful structure is being built at the Gould barn – a composting system. Well, a concrete slab may not be too asthetically pleasing, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This new composting system will reduce Gould’s food waste and the compost will be used as fertilizer for the gardens. Compost, with its smelly aroma, is part of the natural cycle of life. With Gould’s building of a composting system we realize our connection to the cycle of life and the world. To me, this is beauty.

Enjoy your weekend (try to make it through those nasty PSATs and PLANs)!

Alice H

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