October 9, 2009

Good Morning readers!

Gould is back in full swing. Homework is piling up, sports teams are practicing intensely and competing freqeuntly, congo bars are being consumed, music groups are rehearsing, leaves are changing, things are crazy! Yup, life at Gould is back to normal. Did you miss it?

This week has been packed with crazy. Two Tuesdays ago, 26 Chinese exchange students zipped around the world to visit Gould for a week. They stayed with various day student hosts who showed them all about Maine and Gould. I hosted Debby and Elissa from Chengdu, China. We carved awesome jack-o-lanterns, made yummy blueberry pancakes, and paddled around North Pond. At Fryeburg Fair we ate junk food (a necessary Maine experience), saw prize-winning farm animals, and rode bright, loud rides. I had a blast hosting Debby and Elissa. They taught me a lot about China and I hope they learned as much from us.

As you’ve probably heard, last Tuesday we had Mountain day! Mountain day is one of my favorite days of the year. I’m always hoping that they’ll decide to have two mountain days – now that would be a surprise!
[flv:http://glog.gouldacademy.org/wp-content/uploads/blogspotvideos/9oct2009.flv 300 200]

This weekend is Parent’s Weekend and a much deserved break. Welcome to all Gould families and good luck to sports teams in their competitions. Have a great break!

Alice H


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