October 7, 2009

I remember I was editing the lacrosse highlight video from last season on Sunday and my roommate Kyle told me it was going to be mountain day tomorrow. So like most students, I didn’t do my homework.


Not the best choice on my part. Turns out one of the buses was broken and we couldn’t have mountain day on Monday. After this my hopes for mountain day were fading away until I dropped my laundry off Tuesday morning. After being here for four years you can get a sense of when Mountain day is going to be. Anyways the dining hall staff was putting out bagged lunches. So I went to class all pumped that it was mountain day and no classes, but then 8:30 came around I was starting to get nervous. Then the new PA system went off with Mrs. Donovan’s voice telling everyone to report to the Bingham auditorium. Everyone funneled in there and people were convinced it was the day. Mrs. D knew this and figured she would have a little fun and tease us by telling us about the PA protocol and how it was the Octoberfest dinner that night. Then she released us and everyone was all riled up including myself. Everyone was halfway out the door and then she told everyone to hold up and sit back down. And then she smiled and said it was mountain day and the whole school lost it. I’m not going to lie I probably would have done the same thing as her, but I was pretty nerve wrecked at the time much like the other students.

So now to Mt. Day. I had a great time, (besides the physical part of hiking up a mountain). The key is to take a lot of breaks, preferably every 5 to 10 minutes. But, I am glad the way it turned out and I am sure all the other students had a fun time. I mean what would you rather do, go to classes or hike up a mountain?

I will let the pictures speak for Mt. Day and Octoberfest. Alright hope this was a good first Glog entry and I shall see you next week!


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  1. Avatar John D. says:

    Man, Mrs.Donovan had us all going like CRAZY! Mr. Wights advisory was like depressed as we started walking out the door. But the views at the top were amazing, and so worth it!

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