October 6, 2009

Hello Glog readers, new and returning!

Much has changed since I was last glogging, and the most obvious (to me at least) is my belly. I’m pregnant and in about 2 months we’ll no longer be a single child family. Reiley will be about 3 1/2 when his little world will be turned upside down. He thinks he’s ready. At least one of us is! Most of my writing will be about Gould, but this pending life change will certainly effect my perspective.

There’s more big news too. Gould Farm’s pig, affectionately known as “Spotty Pig” or “Fotty Pig,” is due to have piglets in about a week! It’ll be her first litter, and the second litter of piglets born at Gould’s farm. She may even have them over parents’ weekend! Be sure to come down to the barn and have a look if you’re here. She’s a social pig who would love visitors- especially visitors who could scratch her behind her ears!

We have a full crew down at the barn for Farm and Forest this fall. The students who choose to do Farm and Forest work at the barn every afternoon, and are responsible for weekend chores. They learn about and help care for our draft horses, romney sheep, angora rabbits, angora goats, chickens, and pig. So far we’ve done a little logging with Dinah, the draft horse, we’ve sheared the goats and the bunnies, we’ve brought dozens and dozens of eggs to the dining hall, and we’ve done a lot of different types of general barn work. The students are also honing their wood splitting skills. We’ll be supplying the school with firewood, and donating some of it to local people who would have trouble heating their homes this winter without a little help.

I’ve tried my hand at basic movie-making and have a clip to share. Hopefully, through the year, you’ll notice a change in the quality of movies I post. This clip is from yesterday at the barn.

[flv:http://glog.gouldacademy.org/wp-content/uploads/blogspotvideos/6oct2009.flv 300 200]

Nice form thanks to Mr. Parker’s splitting tips!

Rumors abound about Mountain Day! Will it happen? Will classes be canceled for a day so the entire student body can get outside and hike up a mountain? We’ll all wait and see.

Until next week,



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