May 17, 2009

Hi Gloggers,
Sorry this one is a little late, but it was worth the wait. Yesterday many of our teams competed in MAISAD finals all over the state. Seasons are coming to a close, projects are starting to tie up and the pictures on the walls are starting to peal off. Dresses have been picked, jewelery is being searched for and we have officially had our first marching practice for the graduation festivities.
This week was a great week for the Womens varsity tennis team. Singles went to Kents Hill School on Wednesday to play in the MAISAD tournament. Goulds third singles player Tutu Ekpebor played her way into the draw, and lost a tough match to Kents Hills number one player. Kiley Hagerty and I both made it through our first matches and ended up meeting each other in the semi- finals. We played an amazing, three hour long match with each other. The first set Kiley won 6-4 the second, I took 6-4 and we were tied in the third set 6-6 and by seven o’clock that evening, Kiley had won the tie break. It was an amazing match and we both feel very proud of each other. This match led Kiley into the finals against Kents Hill’s number one Elise. Because it was so late Wednesday night, the match was rescheduled for Friday afternoon. We went back Friday afternoon and with-in an hour and a half Kiley became the MAISAD womens tennis champion of the world. She played incredible and got what she had been working so hard for this year.
Thursday after marching practice the school decided to treat the seniors to no classes, and a canoeing trip along 6 miles of the Saco river. Aside from the rainy weather we all had a great time.
The pictures below are from Alii Flynn and Kiley Hagerty. Enjoy!!


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