May 13, 2009

Hello Readers!

The weeks are winding down here at Gould. Talk of exams, commencement, and summer float about campus.

The musical “Little Shop of Horrors” put on by drama was a smash-hit last weekend. There was superb acting and singing from all of the cast. Seniors Reed Molbak, Rachel Oh, and Austin Lombard all had fantastic last performances on the Gould stage. The tech crew also did some amazing work with props, lighting, and the set. Great job to everyone involved!

Polar bears have begun to rise earlier in the morning to travel to colder bodies of water. Last Friday the destination was the covered bridge in Newry and yesterday was Greenwoood Beach. Yesterday’s run started off in the chilly mist. For the last two miles the run winds along the shore of South Pond and the rising sun burned red through the mist on the water.

Today is the women’s tennis MAISAD singles chamionship. Kiley Hagerty, Maggie Reynolds, and Tutu Ekpebor will compete today, wish them luck!

Here are some pics of parents weeked and polar bears at the Covered Bridge

See you next week



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