April 29, 2009

Hello Readers,

Yesterday as the sun was rising a group of us Gould runners took off for Songo Pond. The reason for this early morning run was Polar Bears. Twice a week after the ice goes out a bus load of Gouldies take an invigorating splash in cold Maine water. As the year goes on we will travel to icy-cold running mountain streams and rivers.

The biggest challenge of Polar Bears is making it to every single swim – if you miss one, you’re out! I hope to become a four year Polar Bear and make it to every chilly morning.

As Ms. Wilkerson wrote, yesterday we celebrated Earth Day! We spent the day learning, talking about, and analyzing our own impact on the earth.

We attended student-led workshops with our advisor groups. Today I went to workshops about passive homes, individual ecological footprints, and the environment in politics. Each was very informative and interesting.

In the ecological footprint workshop, we were able to calculate our own impact upon the earth with an online calculator. The most interesting thing that the calculator showed was how many Earths would be needed to support life if everyone on the planet lived the same lifestyle as the person answering the questions.

It turns out that the smallest number of Earths that one of us needed was close to four and the most was nine! If everyone in the world lived like the most efficient person in our workshop, there would need to be three more Earths to support them! This was a real eye-opener about how much we each use and waste.

The website also shows us the potential we have to lower our impact on the earth, like buying locally, carpooling, and making our homes more energy-efficient. I encourage everyone to check out this link and take the quiz. http://www.earthday.net/footprint/

Today the women’s tennis team is playing Oxford Hills at home, so stop by to cheer us on!


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