April 27, 2009

Hi again,

Another excellent weather weekend with. I had a baseball game saturday and raced in the road race on sunday.
As you know from earlier this year I am a mountain bike racer and have learned very quickly that the two sports are very different. Yes, both are about how fast you can ride a bike, but on the road there are other variables that impact the race such as wind, and drafting. I learned very quickly on Sunday that in a strong head-wind solo breaks are impossible, and that Grafton Notch proved a challenge to all racers. A rolling start led into a number of steep climbs to a middle flat section with a step final pitch before the finish line where the sprinters made their break. 
Gould racers did excellent finishing 2nd over all as a team, congrats to the team and good luck to them in the coming races and to all Gould teams competing this coming week.
Talk to you again next week,
Tom D

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