April 22, 2009

The baby cow is finally here!

Granola gave birth to the calf yesterday afternoon. The birth went smoothly and both the mother and new baby are safe and healthy. (you can check in with Ms. Wilkerson for those details) I haven’t seen it yet and I’m planning on visiting the barn today.

Photos from Dirk MacKnight

Its International Food week! Last night we had an Asian meal with different rice, noodle, meat, and sushi dishes from across the region. As a switch-up from our normal formal dinner we sat with our advisory groups. So far this week we’ve also had food from Peru and western Europe. It has been fun tasting foods and learning about cultures from all over the globe.

Here are some images from around campus – people soaking up the spring sun, the animals at the barn, and action shots from the women’s tennis match at Kents Hill and Men’s Varsity Lacrosse game.
See you next week

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