April 13, 2009

Happy Easter, 

This week had some very nice weather and in my digital photography class we took advantage of the great light and went on a photo field trip through the back roads of Bethel. We explored all over the north rd. finding running water and large rocks to shoot, the best subjects were found close to the Gilead Bridge. Mammoth rocks with very interesting fungi growing upon it. 
Here are some raw pictures(unedited).
We were working on shooting at a variety of aperture to change depth of field as well as shutter speed to show motion. Back in the digital dark room we use photo-shop to adjust or images to get the ultimate final product.
In the next edition I will try to post some final images. Right now the file sizes are to large to post, but there is a way to make them small enough to post to the web.  Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather this weekend and can enjoy the spring weather to come this week. 
Talk to you all again next week,

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