March 31, 2009

Hello Readers,

Gould Goes Green has organized a contest! This contest is designed to spread environmental awareness, establish eco-friendly living habits on campus, and be a fun chance for us to make a small change in the world.
Individuals will compete and represent their dorms. The dorm with the most efficient energy use and best recycling habits will win great prizes. Stand-out individuals will also be rewarded with a prize. Any student or faculty member that lives in the dorms can volunteer to participate if you’re interested! If you have any other ideas of how you think Gould can be an environmentally freindly campus, share here or join Gould Goes Green.

The girls tennis team has their first competition this Saturday. We will play against Fryeburg on our home courts. The top eight players on the team will compete.

The other beginners and I are still developing our basic skills, so we’ll be there to cheer and learn about the game. Everyone on the team will play in at least a couple of matches over the course of the season.
Be watching for news of new arrivals at Gould’s barn! Several of the sheep are about ready to give birth any day now, and the cows are also pregnant.
Here are some pics of the animals and the barn.

Alice H


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