March 30, 2009

Greetings from the academy,

Another week of classes passed and we’re one week closer to graduation. Spring sports have begun , but snow still lies all over campus and the
mountains. Even though we had Saturday classes a group of kids went to hike Tuckerman’s Ravine and earn some turns.
We left directly after class, hiked up to ho-jo’s, gathered ourselves and hiked into the bowl where we chose a variety of lines to the top of the headwall, right gully, and the upper snowfields.
All of us made it up the head wall to drop in on the 56 degree face, but Will, Sam, Dillon and I wanted to go higher and hiked

to the upper snowfields, where the sun and softened the snow into perfect spring corn.

After taking a short break on the rocks at the top of the snowfields we dropped

into the white abyss.

After meeting down at lunch rocks we skied all the way down to the bus and made it back in time for dinner.
Hope you all had a great break and talk to you again next week,
Tom Duggan

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