March 23, 2009

Greetings From Newfield, Maine,

As I awoke to the sound of diesel engines knocking I remembered what day it was. It was Maine Maple Sunday. Maine Maple Sunday is when sugar houses around the state of Maine open their doors to the public in celebration of the end of the sugaring season. Conveniently I live across the street from a rather large operation. The Hilltop Boilers, have now over a thousand taps. In middle school I worked for them hauling buckets from the trees to the truck where the sap gets sucked into a tank. After gathering the sap from all the buckets we unloaded into the main tank back at the sugar house. 
That tank then gets unloaded into the evaporator where every 40 gallons of sap get turned into 1 gallon of Pure Maine Maple Syrup.
At Maine Maple Sunday kids also get to explore the farm, stroll through the barn, sit on unusually large machinery and race against the clock in the sap relay.
Hope you all can get out and visit a sugar house some day…
Talk to you again from the academy,

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