March 4, 2009

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The most important ski event for most of the nordic team took place two weeks ago at the Putney School in VT. Many private schools from around New Enlgand gathered for an intense day of racing and competition. This event is called the New England Prep School Athletic Conference, NEPSAC.

Coach Nellis and Ben Martin waxing Will Buick at starting gate

In the morning we started out with a 7K classic race on fast, hardpacked snow. The coaches slathered some klister (super sticky wax) onto our skiis to help us get kick in the icy track. The course flew through narrow, twisty trails and rose and fell over sharp hills. Peter Cowan won the men’s race, Andrew Nesbitt placed 3rd and Jeb Clarke finished 10th. All of the girls raced well and I finished fifth.

That afternoon we headed back out onto the snow. This event was the 3k skate relay- an exciting, breakneck sprint where each member of a four-person relay team would ski 3 kilometers and then tag the next racer. Our boys team split into two relay teams. The first boys team handily won by over a minute. We girls fought hard and managed to climb onto the podium in 3rd place.

Jeb Clarke collapsed after relay

Jeff Lewis racing Sam Southam in the relay

At the end of the day, the Gould men’s team won overall and Gould women won 3rd.

Molly Seigel racing Peter Cowan classic race

Last Wednesday I was in the midst of sophomore fourpoint. This point is different from the others as it incorporates class bonding, community service, and art entirely in and around campus. We spent the week volunteering and learning from artists. We also had a lot of fun snowtubing and playing broomball.

I took part in the drama and painting workshops. The drama workshop had been my last choice, and I wasn’t sure how I would like the class. I soon learned that being in drama was actually a great experience for me and a chance to try something I knew nothing about. It got me to reach outside of my comfort zone and think on my feet.

I also helped out in Gould’s barn- moving hay bales, organizing the barn, and cleaning the animal’s stalls. At the senior citizen luncheon we prepared the food and waited on tables.

The other workshops included cooking, basket weaving, and stencil/cutout making. All of the workshops were taught by experienced artisans. It was fantastic to work with them and learn.

I think that Sophmore point is a unique chance to connect with teachers and peers, learn new skills, and give back to community. Thanks to all of those who organized the point and helped out.


Alice H


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