February 24, 2009

Greetings from S. Carolina

Sorry I did not get a post up yesterday, but we had a couple of mishaps. First the night was super cold with temps dropping into the 20’s. Nothing compared to what the juniors might be facing, but colder than we expected. When we woke we cooked up a nice breakfast over the fire: croissants, with peanut butter, juice, milk and some fruit. We then got dressed up for the chilly day, riding into Greenville(10miles) from Paris Mountain State Park(home base), then onto a 60 mile loop ride. In Greenville we stopped at Hincape Training Center, the center from which famous cyclist and trainer of Lance Armstrong, George Hincape works out of. He was not in, he is in California at the Tour De California, but the folks inside where very helpful and told of us about a few rides we needed to do before we left.
We then left and almost instantly Will got a flat. After fixing that we were on our way. There is no flat here, the land is all big rolling hills with no shortage of steep thigh burning climbs. As we made our way back into town Will got another flat. After fixing this flat there was little time to get back to camp, get our computers and come back to the library to post glogs etc.
Today we are bringing more tubes, food, and water in hopes of avoiding yesterdays challenges.
Talk to you again soon,

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  1. Avatar Jay Riley says:

    Tom and Will, Awesome road trip, great idea! (I love seeing the Cervelo on the roof with snow in the background.) The climbs sound good, complete with Belgian weather! I’m planning a Carolinas trip in April with some bike buddies, so I’ll want a debrief when you return.Ride, ride, ride,Jay Riley (Britt’s dad)

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