February 21, 2009

Hi Gloggers!
I am just finishing packing up my stuff to head on break for a month. Most of the seniors left yesterday after classes, and the rest of us will be gone by tonight. Everyone’s four point will have started by 8:00am tomorrow. Obviously, the freshman are already in China and from what I hear, are loving it. The sophomores kick off their four point tonight with a dinner all together and the Juniors leave at 8:00 tomorrow morning. The junior girls are all headed up to the Bethel Inn today for some swimming and nail paining to pamper a little bit before heading into the woods. One of the fun traditions for junior four point is having all of your friends write you solo letters. There is one day in the woods where you spend the whole day and night by yourself. You make your own shelter, start your own fire, etc. It is fun to sit by your fire, reading letters from your friends and family. I am writing to four juniors this year and I still have to finish a couple! I will be going to sunny Florida for a couple weeks this break and I cant wait to feel the warmth. Stay tuned for some pictures of me soaking up the sun! Have a great break everyone!


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    i REALLY want to go to Gould !

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