February 17, 2009

I know you’ve heard it already but it’s true and it’s getting closer and closer! Gould’s 4-point program kicks off soon! Actually it kicked off at about 1 in the morning today when Mr. Baker and 2 students left for China. “Why just 2 students,” you might ask. “Isn’t the whole freshmen class going to China?” Yes, but 2 of Gould’s seniors are acting as interpreters and guides for their younger peers. Liang and Dashuan accepted the invitation to play a vital role in the trip. Mr. Baker, Liang, and Dashuan will meet the freshmen at the airport and guide them through their first few days in the country. What an opportunity for all of them.

There is no better way (other then going along with them) to understand the “Gould in China” experience than to follow along with their blog, “Gould in China 2009.” Though they haven’t arrived in China, the blog is full of useful and intersting information already.

Next week the sophomores will have the campus to themselves while the seniors are gone, juniors are in the woods and the freshmen are… in China.

Until then, Gloggers,



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