February 16, 2009

Hey Again

Well, another week has passed at the academy and we are one week away from fourpoint.The field house has been bustling with juniors getting outfitted for winter camping and I am reminded of all previous fourpoint experiences.
Freshmen year traveling to Germany.
Sophomore year learning to build traditional kites from a local artisan, other art projects and enjoying the campus all to ourselves.
Junior year, my favorite fourpoint of them all, the winter camping trip. 8 days, hiking, camping, living, and one day all to yourself alone on solo.
Senior point, I led mountain bike tours and created a portfolio of pictures to document the week of riding.
As spring break approaches I am once again excited, for I am going on a road trip to south carolina with a friend; to camp and ride road bikes in preperation for the up coming cycling season. We will be documenting the trip via picture and video so look for some posts over break.
Until Next Time,
Tom Duggan


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