February 2, 2009

hello again,

This weekend brought a glaze kiln firing. Friday night after coming back from the mountain the kiln was unloaded. The firing went very well, but pieces on the bottom two shelves did not heat to the same temperature as the top levels. This is not a problem, just a beautiful mistake that left very interesting glazes. Tomorrow we start to work on tea pots! This is a new skill stemming from jars, now we are just adding spouts and handle solutions. Pictures are soon to come of early jars and tea pots.
Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and Brian from the dinning hall put out an incredible spread eatables. Starting around 4 o’clock cold appetizers arrived. Next came hot appetizers, most importantly Brian’s famous hot wings. Around dinner time Brian brought out Rothlessburgers for Steelers fans and Fajitas for the Cardinals fans. At half time he brought an ice cream Sunday bar. After eating all we could the game and weekend came to and end. I would like to thank Mr. Manning for hosting the party as well as Brain and his staff for providing most excelent eatables.
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