January 27, 2009


It’s Winter Carnival week here at Gould, and the festivities officially started on Monday. Holden basement was the setting for “the best dance we’ve had all year.” I’m pretty sure the success of the dance was due in large part to the masterful DJing of Carey Hadden. Maybe there’s a future career there!

Tomorrow the CRAZINESS begins! Room inspection has been canceled in favor of an opportunity to sleep-in. Students will gather with advisers for assembly, then they’ll split into teams: Holden residents, Davidson residents, Gehring residents, and Day students. Each team will compete in field-day style events that range from an obstacle course to an amoeba race. There will be teams of human sled-dogs, tandem Nordic skiing, and, of course, a huge tug-of-war.

The festivities, however, don’t stop there! Wednesday is “blue and gold day” and Thursday is “twins day.” Thursday night we’ll light the bonfire that was built this fall and teams will compete in the toboggan races. Not only does the toboggan and the team need to go DOWN hill fast, they also need to go UP hill fast in order to win!

Stay tuned for photos and highlights of this Winter Carnival Week!

Until next week,



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