January 21, 2009


Yesterday at Gould we stood and cheered as Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. There was an excited energy in Bingham as we witnessed history being made.

For many here at Gould this was a symbol of hope, change, and progress for both America and the world. My friends and I could not stop smiling at each other.

Other news from Gould…

The nordic team will be heading off to Black Mountain for a highschool 5K classic race. Wish the competitors luck!

Tonight the freshman will also be off to Black Mountain for snowtubing. I will be going along as well as a mentor. It should be a fun time of snow, speed, and friends.

On MLK Day, we were challenged to think big and create change. One great oppurtunity to do this is through a contest desinged to promote peace. Students are given free reign to dream up and design a project for any area of the world that will spread peace. The winners will be given money with which to execute their project. Get thinking!


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