January 20, 2009

Good Morning!
Yesterday was a very special day here at the Academy. We celebrated MLK day in a way that most schools do not. We had a full day of assemblies and workshops surrounding the idea of human rights throughout the world. Workshops ranged from The Nigerian oil crisis, to feminism and equity in the world. We all watched MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech and every student was given the opportunity to voice their opinions, comments and questions about the day. As Dr. Clarke, my AP gov teacher said, it was a day in which we could all let the barriers down. Faculty and students alike joined together and felt truly comfortable being who they are and saying what they feel. As many said during the open mic, we get a lot of unique, eye-opening opportunities here at the Academy and we all need to embrace and appreciate each one of them. Mrs. Donovan, Dr. Clarke, Mr. Penley, Mrs. Whittington and countless others made this day possible and wonderful for each of us. I think we all learn a little bit about each other when we are brought together as a community like we were yesterday. This community teaches us to give a little bit of ourselves and in return we get a little bit of everyone else back. The inauguration of our first black president is today. Many of us will be watching it live in the auditorium. I encourage all of you readers to do so as well, as it is a historic moment in our lives. If you have any questions or thoughts on MLK day or how everything happened here at Gould please feel free to comment!



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