January 14, 2009
Good Morning!
What a perfect winter day! Bright snow, fresh air, clear skies…what more could one ask for?

But today we must take a moment to consider the fragility of life admist all of this beauty. I am sorry to report the demise of a feathered friend. This grouse, called by many nicknames, was known by all who reguarly ski the Bethel Inn nordic trails. It happily made its home in the woods adjacent to the trails, and is fondly remembered for its bold attacks on innocent skiers. It waged its last battle upon the snow groomer. Sadly, the metal machine was simply too much for our poor grouse.

Here is a quintessential example of the daring grouse at the expense of Sam Southam.

Most of the wildlife that lives around Bethel is shy and stealthy. This grouse was an exception. It quite often ran out to greet passerby and beg for food. It would jump onto your pole and climb right up to perch on your head if you stood still for too long. Many skiers grew quite attachted to the silly grouse and named it or brought seed for it to eat. The memory of our pet grouse will live on.

Alice H


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