December 10, 2008

Hi Mom!
This ones for the moms.
Gould Academy has had quite the week. It is the first full week of the winter trimester and everyone is still adjusting to the new schedule. Every day seems to be just a little different. Gould Academy always keeps us on our toes. 🙂
The skiers have been out and about each afternoon, training, learning and sometimes freezing. I am involved in two winter sports this year, one: the rugrats program and the second, dance class. Rugrats is a program in which GA students get a group of local 4th and 5th graders to teach skiing and snowboarding to. We do this every Tuesday and Thursday for about 6 weeks, we just completed our training with Sunday River. Dance is taught by Mr. Penley, who is also my Chinese teacher. He is great and it is a great place to express yourself through motion.
In the dorm last night, all of the girls picked a secret snowflake. So when the holidays get closer each girl will receive two little presents secretly and then a slightly larger one and their snowflake will be revealed.
Saturday after classes is the infamous snowball and all the girls are getting very excited in the dorm about their outfits, hair, makeup, dates and so on. After, on Sunday Ghering will be taking a bus down to Boston so girls can spend a little time outside of Bethel and go holiday shopping.



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