December 10, 2008

Hey Readers,

During his speech last night at formal dinner, Doctor Clarke made an interesting observation. He said that when people grow older they become set in their ways.

However, here at Gould Academy teachers and students alike are challenged everyday to push themselves to new levels. For example, in Drawing 1 our first assignment was to draw things we could feel but not see. This changed my entire aproach to drawing and art. Each day we are surrounded with different perspectives and an infinite number of chances to learn and grow.

The range of possible experiences here at Gould is huge. Last year I raced in my first road cycling race, made maple syrup, performed in the pit for a musical, traveled to China, explored the surrounding mountains, and learned about myself and the world. I feel lucky to be here and want to learn as much as I can. What new experience have you had that you would like to share with us?

Lets remember as we grow older to take on challenges and strive for our best. By breaking out of our comfort zones we can learn and grow.

See you next week,
Alice H


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