7:30 – 8:30 + One table + One Boarding Student = Success

September 24, 2012

The Reality

No doubt the transition to Gould has an equal balance of opportunities and challenges. Finding the flow of managing time, space, laundry, work, fun, and friends is tough and 20 years into working with 9th graders it is easy for me to take the longview and know that systems will be developed and strategies will emerge. However, in between the opportunities growing and the challenges lessening, there is a lot of learning that happens. In an effort to be more proactive, the 9th grade study habits curriculum is providing more coaching and evening structure for the boarding 9th graders.

The Plan

Evening study hall is a time to deliver more deliberate work habits coaching. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday all boarding 9th graders will report to Ordway Hall at 7:30 for a one hour study hall. Three faculty members will circulate during this time coaching students on how to use their planners, preview the week, develop an assignment, help with homework.

The Reality Ipso Facto

I helped out in study hall tonight, and it was great. Each student had his or her own table, got out a planner, checked the infoserver, and got to work. It was amazing to witness the focus. It was a distraction free and social media free space. No adult had to re-direct a student. All were engaged and exhibiting great work habits. In talking with the kids, getting out of their room and having, in a sense, a kitchen table to oneself with a Mom or Dad like person checking in every so often, really helped.

This pilot program is a work in progress, so feel free to pass along any feedback or ideas by commenting on the blog.


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