October 7, 2008

As a resident of Gehring Hall, the only girls’ dorm on campus, I’m excited for the recent improvements to our living space! Jan Baker (Gould art teacher) has been working to help the dorm get a furniture facelift. We now have space for group or individual study in both the gallery and the “formal lounge.”

Over the weekend Jan shared some stories about the history of Gehring Hall. If you’ve been in the lounge you’ve probably noticed that it is presided by 2 large portraits. Marian True Gehring gazes pleasantly from above the fireplace, and Dr. George Gehring watches from above the piano.

Dr. George Gehring was a prominent psychiatrist who saw potential in the small village and rural setting of Bethel, Maine. His clients with “nervous disorders” would take the train to Bethel for therapy. He offered not only rest-and-relaxation, but also good, hard, real work. Patients would spend part of the day, for example, working at cutting and splitting wood. Working outside, connecting with the natural world…

Bethel is still a wonderful location for connecting with our pioneer past. If any of you reading this have a “nervous disorder,” or even if you just want to prevent one, I’d welcome you to come spend some time with Gould’s Farm and Forest program. After some good hard work we could go into Gehring’s formal lounge, sit on the new couches under the crystal and silver chandelier, and drink tea under the approving watch of Dr. and Mrs. Gehring.

Kidding aside, the Farm and Forest kids will be busy over the next few weeks. Our barnyard has had a major makeover as a result of the new artificial turf field. We have potential for great new pastures, but we need to seed our new soil and build a lot of fencing first! Fencing can be hard work, but oooh, it’ll be so nice! I’m REALLY looking forward to moving the animals back outside and back to Gould’s farm. Our cows are at Philip Johnston’s (Gould ’09) farm and the horses are at our place in West Bethel.

The tractors will be leaving soon. The new turf field, Schroy Field (thanks, Schroy Family and all others who helped make it happen) is ready for action! Beccah Anderson lifts her field hockey stick and drives the ball to Ms Gardner.


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